Why do I care about water spots?

I’ve started taking pictures of the water spots left on the streets by air conditioners practically right after I arrived in Bucharest, it is one of the first things I’ve noticed.
The repetition of those shapes marks the space and they become a public trace of people’s private lives in their houses. Those apparently banal water spots actually tell us something  about the city and push me towards a more attentive way of going through it. I often walk the same path to go from the apartment I live in to the city center, and by observing the spots on the pavements, I imagine what is going on in the private spaces which acces is denied to me: if the spot is dried, I imagine nobody is home; if the spot is wet and big, I imagine the air conditioner has been switched on since several hours; if the spot is wet and small, I imagine the air conditioner has been just switched on. Those traces have become tools of inquiry and a stimulation of my imagination. It goes without saying that I also started observing my personal water spot and I try to keep it small (i.e. I try to use as less as I can the air conditioning).
I’m interested in the daily, silent and seemingly useless  signs spread around us. They are just there, we can ignore them or we can decide to use them as tools to read the space and the people surrounding us.


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